What our clients say

I came to coaching on my promotion from Operations Manager to Operations and Customer Service Director as I needed confidence in my abilities and to stop being over critical of myself. Leadership coaching with Citrus completely turned my life around – I am so much more positive, am embracing my strengths and am now much more assured as a leader. I will continue to work on my personal growth and can now lead others and help them do the same.

Colin Whitehead

Operations and Customer Service Director

Lisa's piercing sharp mind and empathetic nature has meant that she was able to ask the right questions at the right time so as to move things forward.

Ross Popper

Education Consultant

I feel fortunate to have spent this time with Lisa, it has brought about positive change and given me skills to take forward in life.

Kate Raines

Head of Communications, Theatre Royal Wiinchester

The support we have received from Citrus Coaching has been fantastic. Coaching has provided benefits to some of our staff which I am truly grateful for.

Michele Price

Manager, Winchester Churches Nightshelter

It’s quite remarkable how many of the aspects I was hoping for in a job come together in this new role…I don’t know if I would have considered an out- of-Hampshire job before I did my sessions with you! So thank you for your help in working out in the first place what was important for me to have in a job. Really helpful.

Pippa Peppiatt

Former MD of Education Charity

Lisa's been great - providing both challenge and support. I'd recommend her to anyone - especially if they are facing huge life or career changes.

Sharon Menghini

Chief Executive, TheTalking Trust

PVC Building Supplies engaged Citrus Coaching for a series of 10 management skills training courses that were delivered over the last 12 months. These courses included topics on Leading Positive Change; Building an Effective Team; Strengths & Confidence Building and Influencing Skills & managing conflict. They were aimed at and attended by the management team and senior supervisors of the business. The facilitation by Lisa Boyd and her team was outstanding. The coaches were excellent, combining appropriate theory and examples from the field whilst also extracting the valid points from the different contributions of the group. The coaches were clearly experts in their field demonstrating a huge breadth of knowledge with the ability to tie credible examples to the different needs of our training requirements. The biggest testament to the positive impact made by Citrus Coaching is in witnessing the change in behaviour of my team since undertaking this training.

Steve Davies

MD, PVC Building Supplies

Coaching with Citrus not only boosted my confidence but also gave me practical assistance. Excellent service, excellent results.

Kate Fordy

Office Manager

At a time when I needed to stand back from some issues, Lisa's professional, structured, but friendly approach helped me get much clearer on what was important to me and establish a clear way forward.

Simon H

Marketing Professional

Lisa's coaching has been simply amazing and within a few sessions she helped me work out what I really wanted.

Karen E

Marketing Manager

After receiving AS results my son was still unsure which career path to follow. His self belief and motivation was at an all time low and his state of confusion at an all time high. He did the Morrisby profile with Citrus Coaching. Not only did this produce career ideas more importantly they explained how his brain ticked along with his strengths and qualities. The results of the test and the in depth feedback gave my son confidence and the courage to believe he was on the right track.

Liz Snedker

Parent of Morrisby candidate

After my job was made redundant I saw Lisa for career coaching. Lisa helped me to plan my next career move and gave me the tools to get me there. She helped me to identify my strengths and together we created a CV which was not only up to date, but truly showcased my attributes and who I am. Lisa also gave me some tips and advice on preparing for interviews. Lisa has a style where not only does she inform and educate, but builds confidence, which was just what I needed after redundancy to equip me for the competitive job hunting environment. It is thanks to Lisa’s coaching that I have now secured an exciting position in a logistics company which has given my career a new lease of life. I cannot recommend her services enough.

Verity Doughty

HR Professional

Citrus Coaching has been essential to my setting up my business, Prep’It, this year. They helped me create goals to translate vague aspirations into concrete realisations and get where I wanted to be.

Louise Garavaglia

Owner/Manager, PrepIt, Paris.

Citrus Coaching has been a huge asset to my company. Lisa is absolutely on point and our sessions are incredibly valuable. I would whole heartedly recommend her.

Rhett Hill

Managing Director, Oakhurst Finance

I cannot rate Lisa's expertise, knowledge and insight highly enough; having the independent perspective of such a well-qualified professional made all the difference.

Catherine Hasted


From decision making to improving my work/life balance, Lisa has consistently enabled me to achieve results, while helping me to feel understood and supported while doing so.

Jill Good

Higher Education Lecturer

Lisa has helped me to focus on myself, identify my core values, and rediscover my strengths and skills. This has led me to regain my self confidence and take positive steps towards returning to work.


Dietician/returning to work