At Citrus we help organisations, leaders and individuals to improve performance, build resilience and manage major change.
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For Business

Improving performance,managing change,strategic thinking

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For Individuals

Career coaching, personal development and behaviour change

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Emotional intelligence, communication styles, influencing skills

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Personality profiling, preferences, strengths and assessment centres

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About the company

Citrus provides executive and personal coaching for organisations and individuals as well as workshops and psychometrics to help improve mindset and behaviour. We help organisations, teams, leaders and individuals raise awareness of who they are, what they want, and how they behave to enable them to gain insight and make improvements so they can operate at their full potential – every day!

Citrus coaching provides a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment with total focus on you. We enable you to develop your own plans so that ownership, responsibility and control stays with you. Coaching develops greater self-awareness to help you improve your professional and personal life. Coaching helps you learn new strategies, new ways to resolve issues, and produce better outcomes.

About Us

"I came to coaching on my promotion from Operations Manager to Operations and Customer Service Director as I needed confidence in my abilities and to stop being over critical of myself. Leadership coaching with Citrus completely turned my life around – I am so much more positive, am embracing my strengths and am now much more assured as a leader. I will continue to work on my personal growth and can now lead others and help them do the same."

Colin Whitehead - Operations and Customer Service Director